• Do you need help generating creative ideas and topics for blog posts?
  • Would you like to learn about tools that can help you create engaging and fun posts?
  • Did you know that the more you blog, the more your confidence increases which keeps ideas flowing ?

You will gain all this and more from my book and the companion guide, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block…if you are committed.

Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas

Your investment will get you:

  • Instruction on how to use different forms of media to create blog content consistently
  • Enough content to keep you busy for over a year if you post at least once a week
  • The expertise and knowledge of over 60 bloggers that have over 10 million global followers
  • A companion guide to help you help you generate blog ideas and boost your creativity

Bonus: nearly one-third of the sites featured in the book are blogs about blogging which will help you learn more about the art of blogging. You will also gain knowledge in marketing, writing and business.

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Read, go forth and blog richly!


Marcie Hill is all write. In her latest book, "62 Posts to Overcome Blogger's Block," the generous and prolific writer, author and trainer does her best to clean up the blogosphere by giving helpful and critical instructions to bloggers who dare to have deeper impact and better content by moving past the blocks to meaningful posts. With solid advice, anecdotes and best-practice testimonials, Ms. Hill is able to deliver a course in blogging useful to any individual, corporation, nonprofit, institution or brand hoping to augment readership, audience involvement and effectiveness. If only every blogger heeded her advice, then the world would be freed from irrelevant postings and tedious, chronological regurgitations of a life. No matter how you use the web, you can use this book to improve your digital communication. This needs to be in the library of every journalist, blogger, communications director and social media expert. Read, go forth and blog richly!

Michele Weldon is an author, journalist, assistant professor of journalism at The Medill School, Northwestern University and seminar leader at The OpEd Project

This Book is a Lifesaver

Amid the flood of gurus promising blogging nirvana, Marcie Hill's precise, well thought out book is a lifesaver for those stumbling at the start or muddling through. Grab hold of her advice, consider her pointers and swim on to a better day with your Internet life.

Stephen Franklin, Journalism trainer and committed blogger

Marcie Gives Us Ideas for Getting Unstuck

Maureen Jenkins_Paris_June 2012

We ALL bump into 'blogger's block' -- even those of us who've been writing professionally for decades. In this book, Marcie Hill not only gives us ideas for getting unstuck and creating highly readable posts, but she offers great tips on building true ENGAGEMENT with our readers -- something every blogger must do to stay relevant.

Maureen Jenkins, Travel & Food Writer/Consultant

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